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Be the Media is a diverse and professional radio show on all things media, broadcast live every Thursday from 1-2pm on CHLY 101.7 FM, Nanaimo, and podcast weekly.
Marian, Joy, and Niel ham it up in the CHLY studio.  Photo by Lance Sullivan

Be the Media Hosts

Marian van der Zon & Emily Post (formerly Niel Scobie Oct 2010 - April 2013) showcase the latest in media creation and consumption from artist to audience across technologies and platforms - the Web, music, radio, books, magazines, TV, film, and theatre. The show is supported by contributors who teach and study in Vancouver Island University's Media Studies Department and Media Research Lab. Regular segments include digitally created voice and music soundscapes from Robin Davies with Further Excerpts from the Aural Machine; publishing's brave new world in Joy Gugeler's Books and Bytes; Alanna Williams coverage of reality, childrens, trash and talk TV across generations in Television Through This Mother's Lens; cutting edge technology talk in Johnny Blakeborough, Brendan "Beej" Dery and Ian Horner's Top Tech: The Most Powerful Men in Canada; and an assemblage of fragmented fictions in Kevin Mazutinec's Paparazzi Trigger Finger.

Be the Media Guests

Since October 2010, guests have included over 300 on-air experts who have provided local to international perspectives on media. A review of Be the Media's digital archives speaks volumes about the biggest players in the industry near and far: The Editor-in-Chief of Wired; the Head of Digital Engagement for The Guardian; the Mozilla guru who made RiP: A Remix Manifesto; New York iPad DJ duo AndrewAndrew; Senior Editorial Director at Yahoo!; two History Channel documentarians; the Director of Digital Design at The New York Times; a filmmaker from Occupy Wall Street.

And, closer to home: organizers and artists from Nanaimo's film, (Islands) folk, fringe, music (Green Mountain) and Living Legends (Cowichan Valley) festivals; the director of the Western Edge Theatre; a sculptor from the Nanaimo Art Gallery; the hosts of Gabriola's Co-op and Duncan's Rez pirate radio stations; and a resident academic expert on Graphic Matters: Women Making Comics.

Contact Be the Media

Contact Be the Media for up-to-the-minute information, or to suggest topics for upcoming shows, on Facebook, Twitter, or via email. To invite one of the hosts as a commentator on your own show or for interviews, contact Publicist Rachelle Stein-Wotten at rachelle@bethemedia.ca or 250-739-2729.

Download the podcast weekly or subsribe to it on iTunes.