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Cover Up (Bleeding Edges)

Marshall Soules

Cover Up! (Bleeding Edges) includes a looping video stream by Marshall Soules, and a live, improvised soundtrack by Marian van der Zon, Robin Davies, and Niel Scobie. In the repressed Canadian media state - where important news is slighted, glossed over, and framed by entrenched power - there is an unacknowledged, vibrant, and colourful counter-dialogue in the streets. The layered messages, over-writing and erasures provide glimpses of a culture seeking to find a revised way forward. In the “virtual geography of the weird media event” (McKenzie Wark), where surveillance and security are daily watchwords, a new humanism is not only called for, but prophesied.

Please Note: the audio and video components of Cover Up are intended to be presented without synchronization. Feel free to start and stop the audio as you experience the work. Click on an image to pause on that image. This presentation requires Javascript and HTML 5.

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Cover Up was displayed as part of DATASTREAM 4 - Proliferating Signs & Cultural Layers at the downtown location of the Nanaimo Art Gallery, January 12, 2012 - February 4, 2012.